2006 US trophy
Dan Eckstein

2008 US trophy
Fatima Huang

2008 World trophy
Katja-Maaria Kilponen

PacBell Park, 2008
Elsa Garrison

Miriam Doan

action figure by Alex Koll

Squashbuckling in NYC

Washington DC 2008

onstage with the Toadies
Alexandra Lipsitz

onstage with OK GO

Katja-Maaria Kilponen

Katja-Maaria Kilponen

with Bjorn Turoque

on CSN with
Cold Steel Renegade
in what appears to be a turtleneck and ponytail

the Richard Marx years
A Sklansky / Taylor PR

Hot Lixx and Stryker with Kepi Ghoulie and Bill Stevenson

Jerry #1

Judging a battle of the bands with Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads, Modern Lovers)


The Patrick Benatar era

with Bjorn Turoque, er, Jean-Luc (Nous Non Plus)

Getting air on Air Botswana

The collectible Hot Lixx EP

with his parents

Miriam Doan

on the set of
Dr. Professor's Thesis of Evil

with "rival" William Ocean

in Beijing with the mayor of Oulu

Finnish wallpaper

winning his first competition, 2006

winning his last competition, 2008
Katja-Maaria Kilponen

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