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Now would be a good time to mention that Hot Lixx had nothing to do with the creation or maintenence of this here website. In fact, he barely knows it exists, and he’d probably frown at its content, design and concept. You can send an email to, and we’ll make sure he gets it.

Craig’s expertise is not just limited to the air guitar, he can sort of play the real guitar as well. In fact, he’s currently in a sappy punk rock band called Love Songs, a Guns N Roses tribute band called the Rocket Queens, and a poppy punk rock band called This Is My Fist and a motherfucking punk rock band called Conquest For Death.
Some other musical endeavors he’s found himself in over the years:
What Happens Next?
Your Mother
Chu Chi Nut Nut and the Pine Cone Express
All You Can Eat
Bobby Joe Ebola & the Children MacNuggits


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